What motivates you to act on climate change?

Because of its scale and implications, climate change is one of the most intimidating challenges of our time. Today, we are seeing its effects ripple down to all of us - from businesses and organizations, to local communities and individuals. Here in Ontario, the average carbon footprint per person is 2.5 times larger than the global average. 


We depend on the planet to thrive, and there are many ways in which all of us can take action.

We can make a substantial difference as individuals.

However, many Canadians concerned about climate change may feel lost, overwhelmed and unsure of how to act. We understand that these feelings can be overwhelming and make it hard to take action. We're here to help.

Take Action with Carbon Conversations TO

Over a series of six group sessions, we will help you explore the relationship between your lifestyle and carbon emissions to help give you the clarity, tools and resources you need to develop your own approach to carbon reduction.

Explore your carbon footprint.

Find motivation to act.

Learn to start the conversation.


As a Carbon Conversations TO participant you will receive:​

  • An enhanced understanding of your carbon footprint and key opportunities to reduce it

  • The opportunity to connect with like-minded community members looking to reduce their carbon footprint

  • Guidance in creating your personalized climate action plan

  • A printed copy of the Carbon Conversations guide and workbook to help you through your carbon reduction journey 

I've found renewed motivation and enjoyed listening to others and knowing that I am not alone. 


- Alex Williams, Toronto

  • A light meal for each session

- Allison Merz, Carbon Conversations TO participant

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to make changes in their lives to reduce their carbon footprint

The Team

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