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Courageous Conversations on Climate

Climate change can bring complex emotions. We’re here to help you process and speak through the emotions that climate change creates and find ways to take action.

If you're concerned about climate change, you're not alone. Let's start talking.


December Climate Café


When you think about climate change, what feelings or thoughts arise?

Fear? Worry? Optimism? Sadness? Maybe it's all these feelings or something else.

CCTO’s Climate Café is a space for you to share your feelings about the climate and ecological crisis.

Next Café: December 21st 

Partner with CCTO

Partner with CCTO

Caring for each other and the earth takes collective action. If you are part of a local environmental group and want to collaborate, let us know. 

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When talking about important but complex issues like climate change, here are six tips for better climate conversations.

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