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 Climate Action Facilitator Training

Join our Climate Action Facilitator Training

Carbon Conversations TO's Climate Action Facilitator program is designed to build your capacity in leading and facilitating our CCTO 6-week sessions. You will gain the skills to support participants as they grow to understand how to take climate action.

This training program might be right for you if some of the following statements are true:  

  • You are passionate about climate action.

  • You are curious, compassionate and a good listener 

  • You are a past 6-week session participant and want to support others in taking action.

  • Experienced in, or willing to learn about facilitation

  • Part of a community that is interested and open to climate change conversations or you are willing to find one.

  • You have supported or would like to learn how to support people work through difficult emotional experiences and/or personal change 

Program Overview


2021 training dates to be confirmed




$150 fee

plus $100 deposit**

* For details about learning objectives, dates, and times, please refer to our lesson plan.

** The $100 deposit will be returned if/when you host your own six-week session. If cost is a barrier for you to participate, please let us know in the application form or send us an e-mail.

Our unique Climate Action Facilitator training takes a 'learning-by-doing' active engagement approach.

You'll join a small group of 6-12 participants to learn the psychology of climate change and apply key group facilitation skills such as co-creating a safe space, responding to common concerns about climate change, and addressing common facilitator challenges.

We hope that at the end of this training, you will feel capable and motivated to recruit for and facilitate our 6-week session program in your community. 

The CCTO team is committed to providing ongoing guidance and resources to help you along the way! 

More Than a Training

With this training, you'll join the CCTO community and help us advance our mission for climate action from a place of compassion and care. Through the application process, we aim to review and select applicants that are a good fit for the role. We aim for a win - win, where 6-week session participants have a positive experience and where you feel set up for success in facilitating the program.



  • Gain the skills and confidence to support participants as they learn how to take climate action.

  • Receive materials including the Carbon Conversations facilitator guide, the six-week session workbook and textbook, and post-training additional support.

  • Feel how you can make a difference and support others in their journey of climate action.

  • Gain a better understanding of the psychology of climate change and the power of listening to emotions.

  • Join a friendly community of change-makers that are bringing an exciting new initiative to Toronto.

  • Receive ongoing support from CCTO volunteers to host your own Carbon Conversations session, continued skill development and mentorship throughout your CCTO facilitation journey.

During facilitator training, I remember thinking to myself, "This is exactly where I want to be right now." The atmosphere was warm, friendly, supportive and hopeful. It was a great opportunity for me, as someone who was new to climate action, to get involved in a way where I didn't feel like I had to be an expert, yet was still able to make a meaningful contribution beyond reducing my personal carbon footprint. I recommend this training for anyone who enjoys helping others learn and explore, or who wants to address climate change from a place of compassion, connection and kindness.

- Stephanie Barraco, CCTO Facilitator

Apply today

Interested? Amazing! We strongly recommend you apply with someone that you can facilitate the 6-week session with. Reach out to friends, colleagues, and others in your community and encourage them to apply with you.


Apply today to put your name on the waiting list for our next facilitator training. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Meet Your Instructors

Brianna Aspinall Nuñez

Headshot of Brianna Aspinall

In 2017, Brianna started the journey of bringing Carbon Conversations to Toronto for the first time. This has led to many conversations about climate change with friends, family members, and colleagues met with positive responses and many learning opportunities.

Brianna has facilitated numerous conversations at community meetings and training sessions. Most recently she has focused on engaging in conversation regarding climate change and helping individuals explore their own emotions, values, and motives to act on climate change.

Susan Ludwig

Susan Ludwig headshot

Susan joined CCTO in 2018 as a facilitator of the first Toronto 6 week program. She is currently the co-designer and co-facilitator of the Climate Action Facilitator training.

Joining CCTO fulfilled a long-held desire for Susan to contribute to a community taking environmental action.  She feels privileged to be a part of an impactful team and program over the last two years. Susan is a strong believer in what is possible with a shared vision, individual and organizational growth, and a willingness to be vulnerable. Susan brings extensive experience in facilitation, leadership and team development, and organizational change. She has an M.Ed. in Adult Education and Community Development and is currently working towards her WABC RCC™ leadership coaching designation.

Past Participant Gallery

Program Partners and Funders

Thank you to Terrera (previously known as LNBF) for providing the funding to make the Climate Action Facilitator program possible. We are grateful for your support!


Thank you to Collingwood Climate Action Team for participating in our very first Climate Action Facilitator training! We are excited to continue our work together in helping individuals process their climate distress and reduce their carbon footprint through our 6-week session series.

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