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Mindfulness Activities

Colouring Activity

Looking to spend a little time connecting with your emotions? We recommend this activity to those who want to explore their reactions to the climate crisis while tapping into their inner creativity.

You can choose to do this activity by yourself or with a small group.

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Materials needed

  1. Writing materials of different colours (e.g. markers, crayons, pencil crayons, etc.)

  2. A postcard-sized piece of paper

  3. A journal to write in (optional)

Activity Instructions  

  1. Gather your materials.

  2. Work to remove judgment, you are using colors to help you connect to your feelings, this is not about creating an artistic masterpiece. Embrace whatever comes to you!

  3. With your postcard sized paper, colour a picture, without using symbols or words, to show how you are feeling right now about the climate crisis. You may choose to use different colours to represent different emotions.

  4. After you are finished, spend 5 minutes reflecting on what came up as you were doing the exercise. You may wish to write this down in a journal if you are doing this exercise alone. If you are doing it with a group, spend some time sharing your work and what came up for you.

  5. Share your results and what it was like to do this activity with us and we may add it to this CCTO webpage!

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