Meet the Team

Meet the people who have brought Carbon Conversations TO to you.

Brianna Aspinall

"I felt first hand how the anxiety of climate change can hurt us, and on the search for a solution I found Carbon Conversations UK. I am excited to work along side the Carbon Conversation TO team to bring this project to Toronto and help you explore your own approach to climate action."

Stephanie Barraco

"I was a participant in CCTO's first six-week session in 2018 and found the program so helpful and meaningful that I applied to volunteer with the group as an extension of my personal climate action plan. I am thrilled to be part of this team and to help address climate change from a place of care and compassion."

Amy Castator headshot

Amy Castator

"As I learned more about the global impacts of climate change, I felt a responsibility to reduce my own carbon impact and help others do the same. Carbon Conversations TO has enabled me to share my love for nature with the Toronto community and help me stay motivated in being an advocate for climate action where I live."   

Tania headshot (1).jpg

Tania Cheng

"I believe that re-examining our societal values, attitudes, and behaviours is key to unlocking the systems change that is needed to tackle climate change. Carbon Conversations TO holds space for these critical and difficult conversations and shifts feelings of guilt and paralysis into responsibility and tangible action. It is a privilege to be part of this important initiative."

Dana Decent

"As a queer environmentalist committed to making the world a better place, I am honoured to contribute to CCTO. It aligns deeply with my desire to connect, learn and grow. I'm excited to share this innovative approach!"

Headshot of Erick Dransch

Erick Dransch

"I enjoy learning about my carbon impact and helping others understand their impact on the world. I look forward to sharing the results of our research with you, and I hope that Carbon Conversations Toronto helps you gain the motivation and confidence to tackle climate change."

Susan Ludwig headshot

Susan Ludwig

"My early days were spent with my family camping, canoeing, and thriving in rural Alberta. Those roots provided a passion and love for the environment that continues to drive me.  As an adult educator and facilitator, I was thrilled to work with this young and engaged team. Carbon Conversations empowers individuals to have the confidence and a plan to change behavior and take action around climate change. "

Sonya Nakoneczny

"After completing the Carbon Conversations TO six-week session, I went from feeling helpless to feeling empowered. For me, this was a fundamental catalyst for addressing tough issues and finding the motivation to act. CCTO inspires me to think differently and I appreciate being a part of this passionate and vibrant community."

Aryne Sheppard

"I have always felt connected to the natural world and spent my childhood camping and fishing. Over the past 20 years, I have worked in the social change sector, and learned that human conversation and personal transformation are essential. No real change can happen without a deep commitment to growth and meaningful engagement with one another."

Headshot of Tara Wilkie

Tara Wilkie

"I am excited and proud to start Carbon Conversations TO with this dedicated and knowledgeable team. It is time to start using the field of psychology, the power of group learning, and camaraderie to inspire positive change."

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