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Climate Change Workshops

Our Workshops

In addition to our flagship Climate Change and You program, Carbon Conversations TO hosts community workshops that integrate concepts of psychology, behaviour change, and climate action. These engaging sessions offer unique insights and actionable takeaways for participants.

Addressing the Climate Elephant

Speaking with friends and family about climate change can be one of the most difficult conversations to hold.

At this workshop, participants learn how to have an effective conversation about climate change with friends and family. This workshop is a safe space to address climate change concerns in our lives and personal relationships.

Addressing the Climate Elephant

Topics this workshop will touch on include:

  • How to help others feel that the subject is important to them and that they can do something about it.

  • How to manage conflicts about the subject with people whom we love and like.

  • How to cope with our feelings when the topic comes up.

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Climate Change and Our Emotions

Are you concerned about climate change? Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed and lost on how to act? You are not alone. This interactive workshop examines some of the common, more difficult feelings people can experience in the face of climate change and offers a safe space for participants to talk about their concerns and emotions. This workshop also explores motivations for taking climate action and provides key tips on how to move forward with the carbon reduction journey.

Climate Change and Our Emotions

Topics this workshop will touch on include:

  • An overview of common emotional reactions people experience regarding climate change and a basic understanding of what's behind them.

  • Activities to help participants connect with their emotions regarding climate change.

  • Tips to help participants overcome some of the difficult emotions they might be facing to help them build or gain back their motivation to take climate action.

  • Practical next steps to help participants advance in their climate action journey.

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Climate Change Workshop

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