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six-week session

Climate Change and You:
A six-part program of discovery and learning

Concerned about climate change but unsure of where to start?

Carbon Conversations TO wants to help. 

 Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals and embark on a journey to explore the relationship between your life and climate change! Engage in courageous conversations and discover practical steps towards a more hopeful future through our 6-week facilitated workshops. Topics include: 


Looking for a low-carbon future

Food and water illustration plain.jpg

Food and Water

Energy at illustration.jpg

Energy at Home and work

Recycle bin illustartion.jpg

Consumption and Waste

Car driving and pollution illustration.j

Travel and Transportation

a hand with plant in it taking care of n

Looking Ahead

Join us and take climate action. 

The Carbon Conversations Climate Change and You program (formerly called Six Week Sessions) was developed by psychotherapist Rosemary Randall and engineer Andy Brown in the UK. We are pleased to apply this successful model to Toronto.

This flagship program encourages you to explore the relationship between your life and climate change and helps you work with the complex emotions that make it difficult to act. We do this through two-hour facilitated group workshops over the course of six weeks. Each week, you explore a new way climate change relates to your life.

Benefits of Joining


Explore your Footprint.


Find Motivation.


Start the Conversation. 


Get ongoing Support for your personalized needs.


Connect with like-minded individual.

Video - full - Rose Amy

Hear from a past Climate Change and You participant, Rose, as she shares her experience with co-founder Amy Castator. 

You don't have to do it alone. 

Each workshop leaves you with increased clarity about the tools and resources available to take your own approach toward a less carbon-intensive life. The program is made up of eight participants and is led by five trained Climate Action Facilitators. These facilitators work with you to co-create a safe and judgment-free space for all participants. 

Meet our 2024 CCY Facilitators

Amy Castator
maria_headshot (1)_edited.jpg
Maria Bazilevskaya
Mahdi Zangeneh
Rose Barcarse_Headshot (1) (1)_edited.jpg
Rose Baracase
Simon L'Allier

Our Impact

After several completed programs, we were able to help participants overcome difficult emotions related to climate change and commit to tangible actions to reduce their carbon footprint. 


Reduction in the number of participants that felt overwhelmed by climate change after the program.

2.71 t

Participants started actions that have a potential 2.71 tonne reduction of their  average carbon footprint.


Participants that started an action beyond their carbon footprint (e.g. talk to others, join a climate campaign, etc.)

Before the program, I definitely was experiencing the uncertainty and hesitancy that many people are faced with when beginning a journey of climate action. By the end of the six weeks, I felt empowered in my capacity to contribute towards environmental awareness and now have the understanding to begin planning for a future where climate consciousness and action are a part of my day-to-day life.

Scott, Summer 2021 Participant

Scott Kennedy Carbon Conversations Toronto
Six-week session application

Join our 2024
Climate Change and You Program

We've got an upcoming Climate Change and You Program starting in May 2024. Interested in joining us? The first step is to fill out our application form below. 


Have questions about this program? Contact us.

Past Participant Gallery

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